SW Recipe: Slimming World Chips

I was never a fan of chips when i was younger as i really didn't like how my Dad cooked them! But then when i moved in with Iwan we usually had chips cooked in the fryer but since i started Slimming World i never really have chips. I'd been told Slimming World Chips weren't that nice. Last week i thought i would try them so i did - and they were absoloutley lovely and so yummy.

Here is the recipe for you:

Garlic Salt.
Fry Light.

- Peel and cut the potatoes into chips shapes and sizes (roughly 1cm)
- Boil water in a pan with a little sale and garlic salt.
- When boiling, put the chips in and boil for only 4 minutes.
- Pre-heat over at 240.
- Drain the chips and leave in pan for 10 minutes.
- Shake the chips to make them have rough edges.
- Fry light an oven tray, lay the chips across, fry light over with garlic salt.
- Cook in over for 20-25 minutes.
- Turn half way through.

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