Proud Daughter

On Friday 14th February Mia got to bring Loli The Dog home with her from school. The child that listens the most in the day in school gets to bring this little dog home called Loli. They get to keep her for 2 nights. It comes along with a dog cage/carrier, Book, Toothbrush, Brush, Dog food, Bowl and a Cloth. We have to write down on a piece of paper and add pictures and write what Loli has heard us all say such as Thank You and Please and also write what we have been doing.

Mia was so excited and proud of herself. She kept saying 'Mam I am so happy'. I was very proud of her when she got to bring this dog home because she has been talking about it for so long so I was very happy for her.
Loli had a very exciting time after school with Mia. She got to dance, play toys and even have food with Mia. They also had lots of cuddles of me and Iwan. She called her Nain and then her Nain said she will pick her up so she went to her Nains/Dads Friday evening and she comes back this evening (Sunday). I'm really looking forward to what adventures her and Loli have been up to in her Dads/Nains.

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  1. Aww how lovely! My girls school do the same with a stuffed dog called Fluffy....We had him for the weekend a few weeks ago....
    Such a great idea x


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