Do Advice Pages Really Help Us?

There are many advice pages on social networking sites such as Facebook. Advice pages can be good and bad for you I think. I am a member of a big and popular advice page called Teen Mummies. Teen Mummies have been so popular they have different pages even a selling page. The group I really like that they do is their Private Chat Group which you can find here. What is really good about a private mums group is you don't really know anyone else on the group, so you can rant as much as you want and say whatever you want without being judged. Yet there can be very hormonal girls or maybe just plain straight girls (which I can be sometimes!) who will just say things without thinking.

Being a member on a private mums group can help you if you feel lonely and if you feel like you have no friends around you. When you become a mother friends slowly fade away and you soon realise who your real friends are, the ones who are there for you. Having a private chat room page to talk to other mums who are in the same situation as you is a good thing. I actually enjoy reading other mums posts, especially when you feel you need to talk to someone but to someone who doesn't know you. It's a great way if you want to rant and also with it being a mums only group it makes it feel you can say anything without getting embarrassed with what men might say.

The cons of a private chat room page is when others can take things the wrong way. No one knows how someones mood is over the screen, so some people will judge by the way you type or explain things. Im not the best person to explain things but I have learnt past few months and with being a part of the Teen Mummies Private Chat Group is that you should never judge someone by the way they explain or type things. There are very hormonal mothers and pregnant ladies in the group so you do need to be calm and think before you say things!

Teen Mummies also do a private question page. This is where you inbox the page which go to one of the admins (who do no judge you) and they post your question on the page. No one knows it was you who asked and no one will ever know, unless you comment on it and say it was your post. This can make you feel that you can ask any question.

To join these kind of groups I really do think you have to accept that everyone has their own opinions. Even though the admin will not accept bullying, bitchiness and no nastiness on the group/page you do need to realise everyone has their own opinion and state things in a different way than you do.

You can find the Teen Mummies Private Chat Group here and the Teen Mummies page here.

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