Elliw's Bedroom - Share It Sundays.

This week I am joining in with OhSoAmelia's Share It Sundays. This weeks topic is Nursery/Child's Bedroom. So I thought I would share Elliw's bedroom with you. Mia's bedroom has got a few boxes in at the moment so I thought Elliw's bedroom would be better to talk about right now.

We tried to make Elliw's bedroom natural, fresh and kind of girly. We didn't want to do a character theme for Elliw. I much prefer a natural and fresh bedroom for her. There isn't many things in her bedroom really. On the other side there are some draws with a small TV on top which she will watch for a little bit in the morning.

As you can tell I like the colour light pink. This is what I would like to do in their new bedroom in the new house too, but with more things such as shelves and better decorating. With us living in a private rent house we haven't painted the walls but if we had our way it would be wallpapered on one side with light pastel fresh colours on the other walls.

Elliw's bedroom is the front bedroom, with a lovely view outside. The view is a field with two horses. We are very lucky that a lot of light comes into her bedroom when the curtains are open. As you can see in the photo there is a lot of natural light from the window.


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