Toddler Bed or Single Bed?

Every child out grows a cot very quick! Time just flies by, and now it is that time to buy a bed. When my girls were at the stage of moving from a cot to a bed at first with Mia I thought I had to get a Toddler bed, but her Dad bought her a single bed for her bedroom so we put her in that with a safety bar on the side of the bed. We are also doing the same for Elliw. I am actually so glad we put them straight into a Single bed and didn't waste money on a toddler bed. They were both perfectly fine climbing in an out of my bed so why not let them have their own single bed? I think as long as the safety bar/gate is on the side of their beds it's fine.

I don't really see the point in toddler beds (my opinion). I do think their cute but why waste so much money on a toddler bed when you can buy a single bed and your child can grow with it. It can save you so so much money.

Did you put your child to a single or toddler bed?

* This is my own opinion.

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