Our Bedtime Story Routine

I think a bedtime routine is quite important for any baby/child. I really do believe they need their sleep as much as we do. I was quite lucky with Mia as she slept all night from 3 months onwards. However, she was in my bed sleeping. She co-slept with me atleast 8-10 months old. I would have to lie down with her and let her hold my finger until she fell asleep, then I would have to sneak of quietly. When she was around 8-10 months old I decided I really needed a proper sleep (as she was not seeing her dad at this time). I felt it was time for her to go into her cot. The first night was a nightmare, she screamed and screamed for hours on end until she fell asleep. I was living with my Dad at the time so he helped me. In the end we got into a routine that she slept from the minute I put her into the cot. But she would wake up between 1am - 3am every morning and came to my bed to sleep for the rest of the night.

When me and Iwan moved in together Mia had her own bedroom, but she still came to my bed in the middle of the night. I wanted her to stop because I was pregnant and there was no way I could get comfy and have a good night sleep. So I put my foot down and kept taking her back to bed every time she woke up. It took patience and time but it was so worth it in the end. From then onwards Mia has slept all night by herself and I feel so so much better in the mornings - no more back pain YAY!

From my experience with Mia I told my self from the minute I found out I was pregnant that Elliw was going to sleep in her own bed from day one. Elliw would wake up every 2-4 hours. When we moved her to her own bedroom when she was around 7 months old and she slept all night. However when she was around 9 months old, when we put her down to bed she would cry for no reason at all until she would just nod off to sleep. She could cry for a good couple of hours. 

Now that Elliw is in a single bed she still cries until she falls asleep, but this time she comes out of bed and she ends up sleeping on the floor! Just like the photo above. She will wake up most nights about once or twice or if it is a bad night it will be a couple of times.
Mia will wake up between 6am - 7.30am every morning and Elliw will wake up between 7am - 9am.
They will both go to bed at 6 - 6.30pm  

I am joining in with Share It Sundays with OhSoAmelia this week.


  1. We think bedtime routine is important too, if my two girls are up a lot later than usual I notice a change in their moods and tiredness throughout the day. She is so sweet :) #Shareitsundays x

  2. That sounds just like Amelia how Mia was sleeping in our bed and now she wakes up 11-2am and comes to our bed. If and when I am pregnant again there is now way she is staying in our bed haha!! My back kills already so much from 22 months of this! That photo is so cute of Elliw on the floor bless her!

    Thanks for linking up xx

    1. It is so tiring isn't it Kerry. The best thing I EVER did was have those few sleepless nights of just putting her back to bed constant. She nodded off in the end and got into the routine that she NEEDED to sleep in her own bed haha.



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