Spring Time Morning Walk

The past few weeks the weather hasn't been too good, it's either been raining, windy or really cold. The minute I saw sun and no rain I decided to go for a little walk with Elliw once Mia went to school one morning and I plan to do this most mornings too. It's only a 15-20 minute walk there and back and it's an old road to the next village so there are no cards around so Elliw is very safe to just run around! However the walk there and back home she wanted to hold my hand, she had only ran and walked by herself for a little bit while I took photos of her, otherwise she was holding my hand.

We may aswell make the most of the nice weather we having, right? If you live in North Wales then you probably know we had very bad stormy weather a few weeks back and awful rain too. So it's really nice seeing the sun come out.

From when I locked the front door up to the end of the path then all the way back home Elliw held my hand. The only time she let go was when I wanted to take photos of her! She's changed so much these last couple of weeks.

Do you like going for walks with your little ones?

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  1. Aww cute! She gave me a huge hug when I saw her on her birthday :) x


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