Slimming World Update

I got weighed last night 7pm and I..

Lost 2lbs!

I am soo happy! I'm just so glad it is finally coming off. My aim for next week? I would love to loose another 2lbs! Before Christmas I reached my 2 stone and I had put on over half a stone since Christmas. I've got 1.5lbs to lose until im back to my 2 stone off, so would love to be just over 2 stone lighter next week. This time it feels much more different, I feel more determined. I am going to Liverpool with the girls in June (the end) for a night out and a shopping spree so I am wanting to loose a stone or even a stone and a half I would be over the moon with that. I know I can do it, so I will do it!

If you still want to keep track on what I am eating and how much I've lost then please come back next Wednesday/Thursday to see. :) Thanks!

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  1. Yay! Congratulations to you! Cheering you on to meet your goals.

    Wishing you a lovely weekend.


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