Slimming World Update

This is so late sorry! I have been extremely busy with the new house and haven't been on my laptop nearly all week. So yeah back to the point; I've stayed on pla 10% again last week. Got weighed Wednesday and I..

Lost 2lbs!!

YES! 2lbs again!! Past 3 weeks I've lost 2lbs each week. I am so so happy. If I loose another 2lbs this week then im in the next stone bracket. No words can describe how happy I am.

I was looking back at old photos and I came across these photos (the 2 left photos) ;

The top and bottom left photos were taken on my 21st birthday last year (2013) in August. I really can not believe that just over half a year ago I looked like that! And I thought I looked ok?! Don't understand how and why I thought I looked fine, maybe cause I had already lost a stone by then maybe? I can't wait to loose another 2 stone and see the difference to what I am now to what I will soon look like.

I have no lost;
2 stone 2 and half pounds.


  1. Congratulations! You're really doing a great job... you should be proud of yourself.


    1. Thank you so much! :)

      * P.s I have done another update :D


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