My Big Brave Girl

On Tuesday, 6th May Mia my eldest daughter had her 2nd paediatric appointment at hospital. If you haven't read my previous post a few months ago about it then here is a little bit on why she is with the paeditritian;

Nearly 2 years ago, Mia stopped going to toilet (poo) she has probably only gone properly about 5 times in 2 years. Doctors wasn't much help, gave us some movicol to try, didn't work first time. Second time she was put on the severe chronic constipation. It cleared her but she would go back to how she was after 1-2 weeks. September time we put it down to Lactose Intolerance so we took her to doctors and he told us he will refer her and to keep her dairy free. We had the appointment and talked to a dietitan too. We carried her on being dairy free for about 3-4 months. We were due her next appointment in March, we heard nothing so I phoned up and they hadn't even sent a letter but anyway they made her one and she had one on 6th May. The reason is, she never goes to toilet for a poo. She does for a pee most of the time, has he odd normal accident if she was too slow but for a poo, never does. She constantly does In her underwear all day every day. She still wears nappies to bed and every time I change her it's like changing a 6 month old baby all over again. Its not how a 4 year old little girl should be like no? It's really hard to deal with especially having a 2 year old wanting to potty train too! I got through loads and loads of knickers for her weekly you wouldn't believe me. We also go through 7 packs of wet wipes a week. Loads of people have told me, 'Be more firm' , ' Tried a reward chart?' , 'Praise her more' , 'Put youre foot down more'.. and so on... It really hurts me when people say things like that but I don't blame them because they don't know how hard it is, they don't know how stressful it is. So I can't blame them. However, I have tried all of them - nothing works.

So, on 6th May I took mia out of school that day and Elliw was with her Nain. I decided to ask Mia's nain on her Dad's side to come with me because Mia goes there on the weekends. We reached the hospital and we got Mia a magazine. She key questioning me on where we were going, so I told her we needed to talk to doctor. She is so scared of doctors but I reassured her it was only talking. So we called in to the paeditritian, we talked. Then she wanted Mia to lie on the bed too feel her tummy, no chance. So she sat on me knee instead and she did it like that. The un expected came.. We got told that Mia needed 3 blood tests. I was so nervous, my heart dropped. I know how she is having injections. So anyway, we went to Minffordd Ward in the hospital and we went into this child-ish friendly room where the TV was on with Peppa Pig so she happily sat on the bed to watch it.

There was a nurse and a helper, they asked me to lie Mia down, she instantly knew what was happening. I had to hold Mias legs down and Kath held her on the top half. It was horrible. She screamed so much. But because she was movin her hand so much - the hand they wanted to take blood from, it scratched her vein so they had to get a doctor to come and take her bloods instead.

She calmed down and even asked us 'Not doing it again no mam?' Was horrible.

The doctor came in, and there we go again she screamed, kicked and screamed even more. It was a nightmare. Felt like hours but only took abut 5 minutes I think. She was soaked from sweating so much for being so stressed and scared. But it is going to be worth it because she is getting tested for 3 things. So very soon we will know what is wrong.

She was very happy and hyper about 20 minutes after, didn't stop talking! She kept reminding people she was a brave girl, which she was/is!

Very proud of her.


  1. So sorry you are going through this. Just remind yourself "This too shall pass."

  2. Brave girl! Hope the blood tests give you some well needed answers x

  3. Poor thing. Those medical trips can be so stressful for the children and the parents. I hope you get some answers/help soon.


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