Frozen Is Taking Over!

Frozen has actually taken over out household. Every day I will hear the song 'Let It Go' or 'Can We Build A Snowman'. Even though I absoloutley love these songs and I love the film, it does get quite annoying sometimes especially when the girls sing the wrong words then when I sing it to them I sing the wrong words too because im used to their words, understand? ha ha!

When this DVD came out, I couldn't wait to buy it. Firstly, I went to my local Co-Op shop and they were sold out, I went there a week or two later and they had them back so I just had to buy it! Mia was in her Dads until that evening so I waited until the next day to put it on because I know the girls wouldn't go to bed until late if I had put it on that evening. I really couldn't wait.

Ever since we first watched it, we have it on daily (nearly) the most we've had it on is around 5 times all day! I love Elliws version, she will close the door, sit down on the floor and pretend she is Anna singing 'can we build a snowman' in her own words/language. It is so cute!

When Mia and Elliw sing 'Let it go' they will go on their sides, bend their knees a little, put their hand in their hair and sing 'let it go' ha ha. Mia is older so she role play's the film daily because she understand quite a bit more. I love watching them copy the film. Shows how grown up their becoming.
Have you or your little ones watched Frozen?


  1. My girls love it....They used to watch it daily....Now it's just every other

  2. We finally got frozen we bought it from the sky store and it's been on so many times since buying it, My youngest will come up to me and just say 'go away anna' and waits for me to say 'okay bye' It's so cute hearing them pretend to be Elsa & Anna and singing away x


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