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As you know I am a Slimming World member and I've nearly lost 3 stone now. I love to try out new different foods and that is one thing I have done since loosing weight, I've tried so many different foods and cooked foods differently. I recently got asked if I would review some Quorn products, I just had to say yes! I had tried the sausages and burgers last year, and I loved them but I had never bought any of the other quorn products so I was very interested in trying others out. I got sent 3 vouchers for 3 different products. There wasn't much choice in the store we went too but I was glad I chose what I got.

Quorn Mince. I chose this because I love mince, so I thought I'd try this one out. It did taste a little different. I felt the texture was softer than the real mince. But it was still very tasty. Plus it was free with my slimming world plan. The girls had this with me too, and they really enjoyed it. I bought a chilled pack. Which was very easy to cook.

This Quorn Cottage Pie was my favourite. It tasted just like a normal cottage pie. I will deffinteley be buying this again. I do miss microwave food if i'm honest. Something I can just stick in the microwave for 2 minutes. This was a chilled product and you could cook it in the microwave or the oven. The girls really enjoyed this too! I think more veg in the mince would have been nicer but I just added extra on the sides.

This Peppered Steak was not exactly how I thought it would be. The girls loved it, however it was a little too hot. But it was nice with some salad, something to cool it down a bit. I couldn't eat it by itself. The texture wasn't like a real steak, it was more like a burger but stiffer. Yet again, this was cooked in a microwave!

Reviewing these products has made me think that I should buy Quorn products more often. However, I do find them quite expensive for what they are. I will buy them once in a while or when they are on good offers. Out of the 3 products I have tried I will most definitely buy the cottage pie one again it was a big hit with me and the girls. While eating their foods you wouldn't really think that it isn't real meat. It also goes great with my diet plan!

Check out their other foods over at their website here

* I was kindly sent vouchers to buy these 3 products by Quorn to do an honest review. All photos and words/opinion are my own and nobody else's.

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  1. I've been cooking peppers and onions in the skillet on the grill a lot lately. I'll have to add jalapenos next time. Yum. I like cooking bacon that way too, although hot fat + open flame adds a nice element of danger. I used to get flank steak, but my husband got me to try the carne asada cut from our local market, and I prefer it. Not sure if it's thin-cut flank or skirt (I'll have to ask), but it looks like this 


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