Elliw Elen 27 Months Update

I can't believe my littlest baby girl is 27 months old! It just feels like yesterday I went into hospital to be told I was getting induced! These past few weeks Elliw has really changed. She's a right character now and her very own personality. She can have a right temper and a half on her though! Can definitely say she's copied her big sister with the tempers.
A couple of weeks ago, the sun was shinning so I let Elliw walk all the way too school with me to pick Mia up. Luckily we got there just on time as the kids were coming out because there was no way Elliw would stand still for me, and that is the reason why I put her in the pram usually! On Fridays Elliw has been going to Cylch Meithrin, which is in a cabin next to Mia's school. It's like a nursery but you go straight up to school after it. I am so glad she goes there, she's learnt so much since being there. One big thing ive noticed with Elliw is her speech. A lot of people would talk to her and probably wonder why she wasn't answering them like any other child her age would do. But now Elliw's speech is starting to get much better - so proud of her.

Elliw loves going out places and going on an adventure! She will try anything, she's such a daring little girl.

  • Elliw tries to sing 'Mi Welais Jack Y Do' which is a welsh song.
  • She knows how to say, Mama, Dada, Mammy, Mam, Daddy, Dad, Nain, Taid, Myra, Will, No, Mine, Cbeebies, Pig, Banana, Please, Bye-bye, Ta-ta, Hello, Thank you, Poo, Mai (for Mia).
  • Up to now she is a lefty!
  • She loves watching Peppa Pig, Frozen, I Can Cook and In The Night Garden.
  • Her favourite song is 'Martin Garrix - Animals'
  • She loves doing things she isn't supposed to do.
  • Her favourite word is 'No' and 'Mine'
One thing I have noticed with Elliw is she is a proper mammys, daddys, nainys and taidys girl! She hasn't got a favourite. But she does love the cuddles off me since she comes to have cuddles all day nearly! She loves walking everywhere, but I put her in pram most of the time as if we stand still she will run off as she hasn't understood yet that if we need to cross the road, we have to wait at the side of the road first! Ha ha.
Until Next Time...
Love You Elliw

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  1. Awww, she is so beautiful! I love how you're documenting her journey of growth and change... they really do grow up so fast.

    Wishing you a lovely day.


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