5 Ways To Keep Cool This Summer!

We live in North Wales and we're used to the rain and cold wind, well our summers have been getting hotter and hotter every year and it is boiling this year! It has even gone into the 30's (degrees). It's way too hot for me so god knows how my little girls feel! Bless them. It is very important to make sure children don't burn in this heat and many children will feel very uncomfortable. Here are 5 tips to keep them happy and cool this summer!

1. Keep them hydrated.
The last thing you want is your child to get dehydrated in this hot weather! We all need a drink but we need double the amount (or more) when the weather is really hot! So make sure you keep the hydrated. Maybe keeping some juice or water in the fridge too so its nice a cool for them to drink.

2. Stock up on cool snacks.
Many children will go off foods so maybe they will still have small snacks through the day to keep them going. For example, ice pops, ice lollies, grapes and any other fridge/freezer food snacks.

3. Don't stay out too long.
Yes it is nice to stay out in the sun as much as you can but when you have little ones they can get very uncomfortable if they are in the sun for too long so I would advise being indoors is best for the little ones and not to stay out too long.

4. Cover in suncream.
Cover your child in sun cream (50+ factor)! Last thing you want is for your child to burn! To find the best sun cream lotion you could look on Google and type in for reviews.

5. Less clothing.
If you plaster your child in sun cream lotion you could put your child in sleevless tops and shorts or even dresses! The less clothing the cooler they are! Bedtimes I put my children in just a nappy (Elliw) and shorts & t-shirt (Mia).

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  1. Aww love the photo :)
    Osian's been getting covered from head to toe in suncream, doesn't help he won't keep a sun hat on! Great tips :) xx


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