Jessie J Live Experience!

I've always loved Jessie J's music. Most of her songs are so inspirational. There are two songs of hers that I really do love the lyrics of. The start of 'Who's Laughing Now' really makes me look back at school time which I hated. If read the lyrics at the start then you can probably guess what I was going through. Something no child should go through, especially through school time when you're trying to find what kind of person you are. The other song I absoloutley love is 'Nobody's Perfect'. The name of the song says it all. Jessie J did a speech about this song last night before she sang it. It was an amazing inspirational speech. Many people even cried through this song!
So seeing her live last night was absolutely amazing!

Anyway, i'll stop talking now and let you look at the photos! Neon Jungle, Hollywood Ending & Lawson were also there! They were all amazing and we have a fantastic time! Even when we were drenched when Jessie J came on!

Amazing time!! :)
Super Busy Mum
My Three and Me


  1. Glad you had a great time :) I quite like Jessie J too, and Lawson have some good songs too xx

  2. It looks like a fab night, even if it was a stiffling night. Jessie J is so good.


  3. How much fun did you girls have! Love it. Loving the face paint too, I bet that looked proper cool when nightime came. Thanks so much for linking up with #MMWBH xx

  4. Looks like you had a fab time :) thank you for linking up with Flashback Friday xx


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