Get Good Summer #5

I've missed a couple of weeks of this link up! But I remembered about it this morning so I thought i'd write a post up whilst the girls are quiet watching a DVD (for how long that will last, I don't know!)

I think I've been much more busier this summer than I was last Summer! I think the main reason behind this is because I know Mia is starting full time school in September so I want to spend more time and do more things with her, but also i'm starting my new job in September too. It's not a lot of hours but it will be a change of routine for 2-3 days of the week.

Goal 1: Get more organised.
I have got much more organised than I ever was before, but I still need to be more organised I think! I am much more organised with my blog, but I think I need to try and be how I was before, such as sorting all the bill papers out together! If I go on days out then plan ahead and pack stuff the night before instead of getting stressed in the morning!

Goal 2: Reach my 3.5 stone.
I'm not sure I will do this. I've struggled in Slimming World recently. But only because I haven't put my head and my heart into it. I've got two week weigh-in's now where I haven't planned no nights out so I am making sure I loose weight these 2 weeks, as the next two weeks I have a friends birthday and my birthday and we are going out drinking! So I am not sure how those two weeks are going to plan out!

Goal 3: Less takeaways.
Even though we only usually have one takeaway a week, we had 2 last week! Which is a big no-no! I want to cut down to having them once a month! At the end of the day the main reason we have a takeaway is because I'm too lazy too cook that day!

Goal 4: More family days out.
There is a bank holiday soon and Mia is with us that bank holiday and Iwan will be having a day off work! So we are going to plan a family day out. As Mia is always in her Dad's on the weekends we try our best to make the most of it when she is with us on the weekends. Even though she is with us in the week, Iwan is working so we can't go many places.

Goal 5: Sort things out!
I really need to sort my bill payments out, my money and everything in the house! We are doing a carboot sale this sunday coming so I am hoping we will get rid of a lot of things as we're going to put the money in the Christmas tub! We go Christmas shopping in October so I am hoping we will have had quite a fair bit by then! But we will see!


  1. I love a good car boot :) hope it goes well. I know what you mean about the takeaways, I find it hard to be bothered to cook when its such warm weather! #getgoodsummer

  2. Sounds like you're making progress. Good luck with your car boot sale #getgoodsummer


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