Missing My Big Girl

Mia usually goes to her Dad's every Saturday morning until Sunday evening, which is a nice little break for me but I miss her like mad and can't wait to get a massive cuddle off and a long conversation off her when she comes back Sunday evening! A few months before the summer holidays I decided that it was only fair if her Dad has her for more than one night in the holidays. At the end of the day he is her father so he should take her for more days if he can yes? Am I wrong?

Well he told me had 2 days off 28th & 29th July so we decided for him to have her from Saturday until Tuesday evening. It is so weird without Mia coming into my bed 6-7am waking me up. I actually thought I would of had a lie in from Elliw because when Mia is here Elliw usually sleeps in until atleast 8am most mornings but NO! Since Mia's been in her Dad's Elliw has been waking up between 6-7am!! Oh well. I really can't wait for a big cuddle from Mia tomorrow evening! It's so odd without her, couldn't do with more days without her. Missing her like mad.

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