My First Born Is Growing Up.

I fell pregnant at 16 years old with Mia. It was a really scary time. The only person that helped me through the pregnancy, helped me buy things and came to the hospital appointments etc was my Dad. I can't thank him enough on how much he had helped. I did start work but I fainted on the first day and didn't go back, well they didn't ask me either! Was probably best that I didn't because I had fainted a couple of weeks after that too! and was pretty much light headed all the way through my pregnancy and didn't get no iron tablets until near the end because the midwives had 'forgotten'. However, I did get a job when Mia was 5 months old.

 Mia was always a bright little girl from the day she was born. Beautiful big blue eyes that everybody commented on. Light blonde hair that has grown very slowly! This photo on the side was taken on her First Birthday. I did her a little house party - but thinking back now I think I should have just taken her out somewhere for the day as I think she would have enjoyed that much more. But it's done and it did turn out to be a good day. She had taken a first steps without support 1-2 weeks after her First Birthday.

When Mia was about 18 months old I had met my partner, we had all moved in together when Mia was nearly 2 years old. Might of been a quick move but we're still happy together and that all that counts doesn't it? Since then we have moved three times but our third house (current home) is bought.

It was a big change when Elliw came along. Mia was a big sister! But also she had another little sister on the way too. (Her dad's partner at the time was pregnant). When I was pregnant with Elliw I couldn't understand how I could share my love between them both. But when Elliw was born, the love was shared from the minute I saw her little face. Mia was and still is a fantastic caring big sister to both her little sisters. She started going to part-time little school at the age of 2 and a half. She absoloutley loved it there. I knew she would be fine because she was in a nursery with me (where I used to work) for nearly 2 years so I knew she would be fine mixing with other children but it was scary for me leaving her behind. We both got used to it in the end. Now it's scary to think she will be full time school in September! I just can't get my head around it. She is growing up way too fast.

From the day I found I was pregnant I knew I wanted to learn Mia welsh and English. She speaks welsh much more than English which I am really proud of. Im really pleased that she can talk and understand both languages. We live in a welsh village where most of the people speak welsh so it's great that Mia speaks it. The funny thing is when she speaks English you can tell she is a welshy because of her accent! It's so cute!

I'm just so proud on how well Mia has grown up. She really has grown up from a little baby girl to my little lady! Maybe not so little though! Even though she can really stress me out at times, I wouldn't change her for the world. She is a beautiful and bright little girl who's also very caring!

Love Mam xxx thumbnailsize


  1. Aww! She looks a little sweetheart....Both of your girls are adorable!
    Such a lovely post x

  2. Aww lovely post, and lovely pictures :) She's grown up so fast!! xx


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