Mummy's Deserve Time Out Too!

I hear a lot of mother's recently saying that when you become a mum you should be the one who takes care of the baby no one else. Or somewhat along those lines anyway. I agree to a point but disagree also. I always think that mums should have a break every now and then. However I do agree you should never drop your child off to someone who you don't know very well. I would need to know the person very well for them to have my children. Plus my children would have to know the person too.
Whilst you're reading this post I am probably dancing away to Jessie J!!! YES I AM WATCHING JESSIE J LIVE RIGHT NOW!! Well anyway back to the point. I do think every mum deserves a break or otherwise they will go crazy! Even if it is just for a few hours in the evening.
Whether it is to go out drinking to get drunk, go out for a meal or go to the cinema etc, it doesn't matter but aslong as you have those hours to yourself. I think it helps you to still be yourself.
I'd love to know what youre opinion is on this?
This was me last year with my brother.. and yes I was drunk! It was probably about 1am? And no we were not in a strip club! They just hire dancers (background) :) !!


  1. My fella and I went out last night for the first time in a couple of years! The kids were on a sleepover and we had far too much to drink! lol I loved every minute! I'm paying for it today though....hehehe Hope you have a fab time Jessie J :) x

  2. Omg look at how different Nathan looks! He's changed loads since then! xx


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