A Day On The Beach

 Iwan had a day off today which he doesn't get often. The past few times he has a day off the weather hasn't been great - or both girls are in school. But today the weather was boiling and it's the summer holidays! So we decided to go somewhere to spend the whole day. We didn't want to spend much money so we decided to go to a beach in a place called Aberdaron. It was lovely. I've been there a few times when I was little, it's such a lovely place to go. The girls got excited when they saw the bucket and spades! However their moods did change...

We decided to go to Asda to get a picnic to eat on beach instead of making our own picnic. Only reason why, was because we had only made up our minds when we woke up this morning to where we were going, and we wanted to be out of the house in the morning! We were out by 10.30am, and shockingly it wasn't too stressfull either.


The girls were terrified of the water! Not sure why because they love going to the bath. However, Mia did enjoy walking in the water near the end. I went in the water (walked) for quite a bit and it was so cold! But the weather was boiling so it was really nice walking in cold water! I was getting quite annoyed as my legs were really flaring up with the heat and I ended up with a massive rash all up my legs and they went even worse after walking in the water. Thank god they have finally calmed down, however I have burnt them! Which I don't usually burn my legs!
Elliw was not keen on the sand at all! She would not sit on it, she would make sure she sat on the towel and even started to make sandcastles on the towel!! Then she felt the need of walking all over my towel! Ha ha. We all went out to the water at one point and she was just stood there screaming as she didn't want to go in! She was being a right little madam today. So I went back with Elliw and Mia wanted to stay where she was so Iwan stayed with her.

As we didn't have any swimming nappies and Asda didn't have Elliw's size we decided to leave her without a nappy to go into the water (which she didn't even go to!). She was sitting next me crying then all of a sudden she stopped, so I thought she was enjoying the view and watching the children play as she looked happy but NO I was so WRONG!!! She was doing number 2!! I just had a massive whif of something, next thing it was coming from her swimming costume! Good story to tell her when she is older! Lucky we had a sun shader so I brought it more to the side she we had privacy so I could change her! Was not nice with all the sand either!

We had a lovely family day out on the beach. What have you been doing in this lovely weather?


  1. lovely you cant beat the beach, we were at the beach today too! Loving all this sunshine lately!

    1. It's lovely isn't it. However I did find it way too hot on the beach today! Sunglasses didn't even stay on because of how hot my face was haha! x

  2. Glad you had a lovely day :) I'm not to keen on the beach myself, I hate the sand haha. You got some great photos xxx


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