#OurWeekThatWasCaptured #1

I thought I would join in with this great link up Our Week That Was Captured! I didn't take a photo every-day but I will write on what I remember!

This week has been mixed, relaxing, stressful, happy, tears and so on! Take a look and a read on what we have been up to!

Sunday - I went up the biggest mountain in Wales! I actually reached the top! I went up with my Dad, Aunty, Taid and a friend. I really enjoyed the whole day. It was full of jokes, laughter, crying and sweat! It was much harder than I thought but I did it! I actually reached the top. I was actually proud of myself!

Monday - On Monday I woke up really really stiff! My whole body was in pain after climbing Snowdon on Sunday so we did have quite a relaxing day. But I had to take Mia to school 1pm and pick her up 3pm.

Tuesday - I had my job interview. I was so nervous when I went into the room. I stuttured so much, I think its because I haven't been to a job interview for a good few months (last year infact!). I have been looking for a job for over a year so I was really nervous for the call that evening! And I got the phone call and I got the job!! I was so happy. This was also the day I fitted into my OLD work trousers that haven't fit me for nearly 3 years! 

Wednesday - On Wednesday is weigh-in day for me. I do Slimming World and ive lost 3 stone so far. I gained 3lb this week which I was gutted about BUT I was also happy as I felt like I needed a big gain to push me to do much better for next week and it has worked! My scales are showing a good loss so im just waiting for next Wednesday now! I take photos of my food and put it on my Instagram page (beth_slimmingworld) and Mia likes me to take photos of her eating her food too!  

 Thursday - On Thursday there was a strike for Mia's school so I decided to keep her off Dinner Club too! We had a lovely day just the 3 of us (Iwan was working). We had a lazy day, well not lazy but just a relaxing day. I got some housework done, they coloured and then we decided to go for a walk. Mia took her scooter and Elliw was on her trike. They wanted to go to the park so I took them there for quite a bit. Then Mia wanted to go on the cycle track for a 'race' so we had a 10 minute walk there until she wanted to go back home because I said I had kinder eggs for her and Elliw.
Friday - On Fridays I have to do ALOT of school trips. I take Elliw 9am, Then have a bit of time with Mia then I take her 11am. I then have 2 hours to myself. Which I went to a friends house during this time this Friday because she had a big operation so i went to go keep her company! I then went to pick Elliw up 1pm then Mia at 3pm! It does get tiring! As you have to walk back home too, and my house isn't as close the school anymore, its atleast 15-20 minute walk depends how fast or slow you walk.
  Saturday - On Saturday i wasn't quite sure what to do. So decided to phone my Dad and asked him if he fancied going for a walk. He said yes! So i went to catch the bus 10.45am  - ish to go to his house. Elliw had lunch there and then he decided for us to go to Llandudno! I really looked forward to go there because i hadn't been there in a long time! I had such a lovely day! Mia was in her Dad's and Elliw was with me and Iwan was working. Having a day out with my Dad yesterday really reminded me of the good old days! 



  1. How cute are your photos from your week! That last one of that little cute cheeky face is bar far the best one, lol!! xx


    1. She's a right cheeky girl Deborah! Always smiles that haha! x

  2. Ooh well done for climbing the mountain! Sounds like a lovely week :)

    Thank you for linking up to #TWTWC xx


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