Siblings - July

Anyone who really knows me, know that I love taking photos. Whether it is with my camera or with my phone. 99% of my photos are of the girls but I don't get a photo of them together very often. Not anymore anyway since Elliw is always active and constantly moves! Mia will sit still for photos and do a big pose for them and Elliw - well she will sometimes!

They're not looking at the camera in this photo but literally 2 seconds before I clicked the button they were both looking and smiling! I was so gutted - but atleast I have that memory for when I look at this photo. The reason Elliw went off was because she wanted to go on Mia's scooter! Which she did run too, it was quite funny actually.

dear beautiful


  1. Love their outfits, it's always the way isn't it! I'm always the same too, kids just don't understand 'stay like that' do they ;)


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