Very Proud Moment.

You see that chart above? Well this is the chart that makes me smile when I walk past it. This is the chart that makes my daughter excited. This is the chart that is helping my daughter! YES! She is actually starting to get better! I can't believe it.

If you've read a previous post then you probably know Mia has had problems going to toilet for #2's. She is under paediatric care and basically they're not helping. We have been there 2 or 3 times now and I come back home with no answers. I actually hate taking her there, I feel like shouting at them to listen to me on what is going on!! All I have to do is repeat myself constantly. But anyway, I can't wait for her next appointment at the start of August and I can show her this chart and say that me and my daughter have worked together and done it without professional care!

For the past week Mia has had clean knickers. Finally! She has had the odd 2 or 3 accidents but that is better than having to change her up to 10 times a day right? It was getting so expensive having to buy more than 6 wet wipes a week and using so many knickers a day.

I decided to start a reward chart again when the Summer started, and that is what I did. Last time I did it was a few months ago, but this time she is older and understands it so much better! She comes up to me now and tells me to look at her knickers so I can see she is clean! I am so proud of her.

I wouldn't of wished anyone to have gone through these tough 2 years. It wasn't just had for me i'm sure it was hard for Mia too, but I have to say she was enjoying the attention a bit as she would laugh or smile as I was changing her knickers so many times a day. I felt like it was never ending. But I am hoping that this is the start of her getting better. Brilliant blog posts on


  1. Oh wow!! Well done Mia!! It sounds like you've had a real breakthrough x

  2. Good work - sounds like the chart is doing wonders :)

  3. Lovely news - so glad things are starting to right themselves. Things like charts are great for little ones - they all love a sticker.


  4. Glad to know that things are going well in that department. Chart is so nice to see. Inspiring even. Good luck and hopefully this will lead to that problems being solved =) #BrilliantBlogPosts

  5. Congratulations Mia, and you for coming up with a plan that works for both of you #brilliantblogposts

  6. Gosh this all must have been so hard for you- no wonder you are so proud. Well done to you both, hope the success continues for youx x x


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