Elliw's Potty Training Update!

We have done it!!!
A HUGE Well Done to my youngest baby girl! I can't believe how quick potty training was for her! She is 100% out of nappies in the day now. Only at night times but I don't see that lasting long either seeing that she will wake up 2-3 times when we put her to bed to go to toilet, then sometimes in the night too and then up early morning for her morning pee - lol! So proud of how quick she has learnt.
She knows when she wants a pee and a #2! She has had the odd accident, but every child does right and I cant complain with it just being the start. I've decided to stop the reward chart as she pee's so much and I forgot near the end on how many times she has been - as you can see in the photo, she has pee'd ALOT through the day. It was no surprise to us really because we had to change her nappy so many times in the day because she filled it so much. However the trips to the toilet every time is tiring and stressful, but once she knows how to get on the toilet her self it won't be to bad I guess!
I am still really surprised how quick she has learnt. I am so proud of her.
If you are looking for tips for potty training, here are some of my tips from a previous post - here.

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  1. She has done a great job picking it up so quickly. I'm sure your little sticker chart helped to motivate her! Great idea. #sharewithme

  2. That's fantastic. Well done little lady. Potty training can be tricky. We had our ups and downs with Buba and I am hoping MM is a lot easier. Glad she picked it up so easily. Great sticker chart. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

  3. Well done Elliw! You have both done a great job to get the hang of it so quickly. Thank you for linking up #SummerDays


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