Back To School.

It's that time of year again! Where everyone gets things ready for the first day back at school or maybe it is your child's first day at school ever! Mia will be starting full time school this September, I am so excited yet so nervous about her starting! I can't wait to take her for her first day. I'm quite lucky with the school uniform because her Dad's mother works in an uniform shop so her Dad pays for her school uniform! I am yet to find the right bag for Mia and Elliw. It wouldn't be bad if it was just one, but I can't go spending so much money on backpacks so I have decided to take them to a bag shop and let them choose themselves.

I am absolutely in love with the coat I have put up above, so I think I will get my girls the same coat each. But I will also be looking elsewhere to! Just to have a look around before I buy.

Buying school clothes can be very expensive but if you look around shops and online then you can find that you save much more money!

Are your little ones starting school or going back to school September?

Bag, Dress, Cardgian, Shoes, Coat.

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