Rio 2 DVD Review.

Recently we were kindly asked by Cash Generator if we would review the Rio 2 DVD and I just had to say yes! Mia has been going on and on about Rio for quite a while now and I am so glad we got the chance to review it. We as a family were a big fan of the first Rio! So we couldn't wait to watch the 2nd one. I didn't tell the girls we were getting Rio 2 so I decided to wait until they behaved. Safe to say that on the day the DVD was delivered the girls were misbehaving so bad! So I waited a couple of days.

On the day I chose, I decided to keep my phone on silent in the kitchen, close all doors, and just watched Rio 2 with my girls. It was really nice and was filled with laughs! I can deffintley say it is a fun Family film.

Rio 2 is mainly about a blue bird called Blu who is an exotic pet bird (atleast he thought!). His owner finds out that there is another bird the same, named Jewel. They go out on a great adventure where Blu discovers new friends who help him learn to fly! In Rio 2 Blue, Jewel and their children set out for an adventure in the Amazon to find more birds of their kind!

In this comedy family film no one will be bored! With the great songs your sure to enjoy every moment of this film. Deffintley 10/10 rating from me and my girls. It kept them happy and we have watched it quite a few times recently too!

* We were kindly sent this DVD free of charge to do an honest opinion. All words and photos are my own.

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  1. I won a copy of this a couple of weeks ago and since then my girls have watched it about 15 They love it. I do too....So funny!


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