Wicked Wednesdays

I don't usually get photos of my eldest daughter Mia cause most of the time she has a strop if she's my camera out but sometimes she will love to pose for the camera! Also, I think I need to take my camera out more, or even my phone cause she does love posing in the spotlight!
Yesterday I told her to smile for the camera, and this is what she did after the happy smiley photo she did 2 minutes before this was taken!



  1. What beaut eyes thought lovely? Such a cute shot! At least it is a tongue out rather than the back of a head or a real miserable look like my girl generally has. Fab shot! I'm on my jollies next week but defo link up as I will still be retweeting and commenting when I get reception. Have a brill weekend! #wickedwednesdays xxx


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