Busy Week

My last post was done on the 4th September! Since then I've had quite a busy week. Good and bad but mostly bad! On Friday night we had to take Elliw to hospital because her ear was bleeding a lot. I feel so bad, because it was my fault. I was cleaning her ears around the outside, and then she moved and the cotton bud went in a bit to far! Safe to say I did cry ALOT! She screamed/cried for about 10 minutes but after that she was fine. I decided to phone NHS and they told me to take her in to A&E.
Luckily it wasn't busy so we didn't have to wait long. We got asked to come into a room where they just weigh her and get some details on why we were there. We were then told she wanted us to go to Out of Hours for Elliw's ear to be seen quickly. So we just waited, then got sent to the out of hours which was only through the door. We got called in and the doctor was so lovely and helpful. She checked Elliw's ears and said there was ALOT of blood in her right ear so she called another doctor for advice. We were then sent to the children's ward which we were there for about 2-3 hours if I remember. It was a very long night. It also didn't help that I was getting stomach cramps which I thought it was just because I was nervous or hungry.
We waited for 3 doctors to check her ears and then we were told we were allowed home finally! She is due to have a hearing test very soon so I really hope it all goes well. She is perfectly fine in herself though.

On the way back it was coming near midnight, and we had to pick Mia up from my partners mothers house because she wouldn't sleep there and kept saying she wanted me! So we had two very tired little girls in the car waiting to go to sleep! Me and my partner decided to go to sleep the same time too. Luckily, both girls went straight to sleep.
I woke up twice in the night feeling un well but thought nothing of it. 3am came and I couldn't get back to sleep, I was in so much. Lets just say the toilet was my best friend! I then didn't have the strength to walk back to bed so I slept on the landing floor for half an hour! So glad I did, as I cooled down a lot. I managed to go back to bed and sleep for a couple of hours. I still wasn't well in the morning but had to get up as my partner had gone to work. Mia was going to her dads by 9.30 so I had to get her ready to go. Iwan had gone to get me some paracetomals before I headed to work but it took me about 2 hours to take them as I felt if I was to walk downstairs I would loose my balance! The kids were good though fair play, for a change! Thankfully, later on in the day I wasn't too bad. I forced myself to the shower to freshen up and I was feeling a little better so we decided to go food shopping. Then my partner wasn't well! So we just had quite a boring weekend!
Sunday I forced myself to clear the front room! which is finally done. I haven't finished it yet as I need to get storage and make it look a bit better and homley. Photos will be up on the blog soon.
Monday was teachers training and Mia had a party to go to so I took her there whilst Elliw was in nursery. It wasn't good for Mia as she was scared stiff of the 'Minion' dress up! However we had a good day otherwise.
Tuesday was a normal day, school and work for us.
Wednesday I was unwell again! Even had to call in sick with work.
However one good thing is I guess, I have reached 3 stone 5lbs loss with slimming world!
So as you see, I've had a busy week! That is the reason why I haven't been blogging much this week!

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