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As you might know I started my new job a couple of days ago, I had the job interview before the summer holidays and I have been asked to do another two interviews. One was today which went really well. The other one I had to let down as I just couldn't work around the hours. I always get nervous when I am getting ready for an interview. I always worry if my mind is going to blank, am I going to mess up and so on. However in todays interview I was so relaxed and I actually enjoyed the job interview. I thought I would give you a few tips on how to make a job interview kind of relaxing.

First impressions always count right? So the last thing you need to do is turn up late in an interview. I always go around 5-10 minutes earlier than the interview time as it shows you are keen and shows that you can come in to work on time.

Dressing up smart does show that you have put effort in yourself for the interview, also it can show that you are a clean and punctual person who looks after themselves.

It is always best to be organised. Take your qualifications, CV and anything else that you think might be needed. Even if they don't want it, at least you have shown effort and interest in bringing them with you.

Make sure you prepare yourself to answer questions or maybe doing a trial run. It's always best for you to prepare so you don't get stuck for words. In the job interviews I have been in they always usually ask questions like - 'What could you bring into the job' , 'How would you handle this situation (describes a situation)' and so on.

The main thing is to just be yourself. Show that you are confident. As they say, first impressions do count. Also, do not pretend to be somebody you're not. Show your personality and just try your best to relax!

Have you got any other tips?

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