Disney Club Penguin Review

We were kindly asked a few weeks ago if we would review 'Disney's Club Penguin'  magazine and online game for a month.
First off, we received the magazine, which had two freebies, a water gun and some badges. I kept the badges aside as I didn't fancy the girls pinching themselves. Mia absolutely loved the water gun and played with it for hours and still does. The magazine was really good I thought, it had some comic strips and lots of colour catroons and both girls were interested in the magazine, and honest truth is that they have not ripped it and it is upstairs right now on their book shelf! That is VERY shocking. But I am glad they like it.
We were also given free membership for Club Penguin. Club Penguin is the #1 children online game. Club Penguin started in 2005 and since then 220 million penguin avatars have been created. It also plays in 6 different languages! It is where children can meet but as penguins. This website is very safe for children to play.
Overall, Mia did enjoy playing. However I do think she was a bit too young, so she didn't get to play on it as much but she did enjoy playing whilst she could. I would recommend this game to children who loves online PC games!

You can pay monthly for the Club Penguin Membership Online and magazine monthly.

* We were given this product for free and the month free trial for the purpose of this 100% honest review. All words, photos and opinions are my own.

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