Mummy & Daddy.

I was thinking earlier that I made this blog to jot down memories for both my girls to read when they're older. So I thought it would be great to take a look back at 'memory lane' of me and my partner, family and friends!

This is me (mam) when I was younger. Here, I am pictured with my Dad (your Taid). Writing this now I am 22 years old. I lived with my Mam and Dad when I was a baby, then when they split up things happened which you will probably know by the time you read this. I was then living with my Dad from roughly3/4 years old. I am the eldest sister to Nathan, Connor, Sean, Alex, Elize and Corey. I went to the local school and made some great friends and lovely memories. My favourite band was Steps. My favourite film was Beauty and The Beast. I always and still do love writing. I always used to pretend I was a teacher when I was younger ha ha! I went to college after school and did a Childcare course then I fell pregnant with Mia 3 months before I passed my course. I got a job not long after Mia was born as a Nursery Assistant. I quit after I had Elliw as couldn't afford the childcare and travel costs at the time. I am now a play worker in an after school club.

Your Dad (Iwan) was born the same year as mam but in February, Mam was born in August. Your Dad works as a Plumber and works for his Dad (Your Taid). His Dad has had his own business now for years. One of your Dad's favourite TV Show's is LOST. We have actually watched it for the 2nd or 3rd time now, and probably have watched it many more times by the time you read this too.
It's quite funny how we met actually! In 2010 I had your Dad on my Facebook, I tried talking to him but he was 'dry' replying so didn't bother talking to him again ha ha! I made a new Facebook not long after, and because I didn't know him I obviously didn't have him or even think to add him either. One day in April I had a friend request off him and I messaged him saying thanks! And there it began! He was supposed to be working, but we messaged each other for quite a long time ha ha. On April 15th my friend took me to The Goat, a local pub to where your Dad lived/s. I remember going in there, so nervous, as I had never ever been there before either and nervous meeting him! He's told me he actually asked a friend to look around the corner too see if I looked OK - ha ha! Well I guess I was approved lol. From the minute we looked at eachother we clicked! I had a good feeling. It was pretty awkward as we had friends with us too but it was good. We met up a couple of days after and that is how it all started. We moved in together October 2011. I moved from my Dads (Your Taid) to your Dad's village. Since then we have lived in two private rent houses and we have now bought a house, which you are probably still living in by the time you have read this.
This was the first photo taken of me and your Dad. We have had some great memories and plenty more to come too. He's been fantastic and such a great and an amazing Dad to Elliw and a wonderful fantastic Step-Dad to you Mia.

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  1. This is a lovely post! I had no idea how you had met so was nice to read about it. Made me giggle when he got his friend to see if you 'looked OK' hahah xxx


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