My Little Artist

Yes! So as you see this little monkey thinks she's a clever little girl to draw all over her mouth AND in her mouth! The other thing was, it was just 15 minutes before I had to get Mia from school. I tried scrubbing her with a wet wipe and it just wouldn't come off, only faded a bit but her teeth were still green as anything! Luckily Iwan's mam took me to school to pick Mia up so I wouldn't have to take Elliw out. Ignore her hat, it was a handknitted hat made for her when she was newborn and she decided she wanted to wear it around the house when I took this photo!  It doesn't matter how many times I try my best to hide felt tips and pens they always seem to find one somewhere! No idea how or where. She was happy enough to come straight too me after she did it to show me her 'amazing art work'. As you can guess, she did have a row! The amount of times she has done this at the most awkward times too!

Are your little ones little artists or atleast think they are?!

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