Elliw's First Bus Trip

Well, it wasn't Elliw first bus trip, but it was her first bus trip with no pram! I was quite nervous taking her on the bus with no pram but even more nervous going to the bus stop with her with no pram! As I had no idea how she was going to be. If she was going to play up or be behaved?! However, we walked to the bus stop and she kept trying to get me to hold her which I just told her to carry on walking. Shockingly, she was well behaved at the bus stop. We waited about 10-15 minutes and she was great. Sitting on the wall and I carried her for a bit of the time too. She was really good!

I was going out for the day with my Dad and I knew I wanted a new pram so there was no point me bringing the old pram with me! We got on the bus and she was really excited. Typical, the bus stopped at nearly every bus stop! Usually I get the bus that goes straight to my Dad's hometown but the bus we got only went to the town just before my Dad's so we had to take two buses, but it wasn't as bad as I thought until we reached the last 10-15 minutes of the bus ride as Elliw was starting to get really bored and started to play up. It shocked me that by the time I reached my Dad's house it had taken us over an hour to reach there on bus. Usually getting one straight bus takes about 20 minutes, but yet again both buses did stop on nearly every bus stop!
She really enjoyed it and i'll deffintley be doing it again with her. But I will make sure I will be going to someones house if I do take her with no pram, otherwise it would be a disaster as when she is bored - she is a very different girl!

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  1. I was shocked by how long it took by bus. I'm glad she was good for you :) xx


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