Blue Cupcake Recipe

I was asked by Catriona if I would make some Cupcakes for my nephews first birthday party. Of course I said yes! I haven't baked cakes for a while, in fact the last cake I baked was for my Taid's 60th which was in July. I'd been away with my partner for the night so when I came back in the afternoon the next day I decided to bake the cakes and I had decided to try and bake blue cupcakes. I've never done a coloured cake before so was quite nervous but looked forward to it too!

Things you need:
Blue food colouring.
Vanilla extract.
250g Self Raising Flour.
3 eggs.
200g caster sugar.
200g butter.

Pre-heat oven at 190.
Beat butter and caster sugar.
Sieve in the Self raising flour.
Add in the eggs.
Add the food colouring and vanilla extract.
Mix all together.
Put in cupcake cases.
Bake for about 20-35 minutes.

I'd burnt a little on the outside but I guess it wasn't bad for first time baking coloured cupcakes! They tasted yummy too and other people liked them too!

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  1. They were very yummy! Thank you for making them :) xx


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