Back To A Stay-At-Home Mum.

If you have been reading my blog then you may know that I started a new job in September. I was so excited to go back to work and I felt proud of myself. Unfortunately I had to quit today. I really didn't want to but knowing we are struggling with money as it is and if I was to carry on then we would have been struggling much more. If the job was over 16 hours then it would of been great, so that is what I am looking for now. It makes me feel sick that you can actually be worse off if you work. I am really looking forward to hopefully have another job soon, it is just a shame that this job wasn't more hours as the location is fantastic for me. I do feel pretty useless and quite upset because Mia seemed so proud of me working there because she comes with me there whilst Elliw is in a Nursery. Mia loves going there, so I have decided to stick Mia there once a week as it wouldn't be fair for me to take Mia out completely just because I have quit.

So I am now back to the old life and looking forward to finding another job that has more hours but also looking forward to spending more time with my two daughters.


  1. Oh no! That's such a shame.....
    It is unfair that if you work you can be worse off.....We went through a similar thing a couple of years ago....My fella upped his hours from 20 to 24 and yes we got Working tax credit about £80 and his extra wages which meant we should have been about £100 better off a week but no out of that we had to pay an extra £80 rent....Housing benefit was reduced, £20 for school meals, about £15 council tax so in the long run we were £15 worse It's madness how the system works!

    1. It's wrong isn't it :( We have never had housing benefit so we're kind of used to paying our own rent. Everything is just so expensive!


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