Things We Need To Travel Abroad.

On a previous post I mentioned that we are going to Thailand for nearly 3 weeks in February. Although I am super excited, I am also dreading it. The main part I am dreading is the travelling, having to hang around the airport with a 5 year old and a nearly 3 year old. They are right monsters at home and right little madams when we go to shops so how are they going to be in an airport and how are they going to be on the plane for nearly 13 hours and 15 hours back?!

You're probably thinking we are mad right?! I totally agree. A few people have told us. However, it will be worth it since we will be staying there for 20+ days. My partners parents have a house there which looks lovely, and I can't wait too see it. Expect a lot of photos when we come back.

The past few weeks I have been looking around for things to keep the girls entertained in the airport and on the plane. I know there are going to be a few strops and tantrums, they're kids at the end of the day! Totally different routine, they will get tired and probably try their best to stay up as much as they can because of a different scenery! We will see.

Innotab 3S
We are actually going to be reviewing this soon! I really can't wait. We bought an iPad not so long ago and unlucky the girls' tablet broke! So we have been worrying that they are going to fight over the iPad. So I am hoping that they will be happy enough to share the iPad and the Innotab! I am really looking forward to reviewing this with you all. Mia used to have a Leappad about 2 years ago, the batteries were awful so I am hoping this will be much better.

Paper & Pens
I am deffintley going to buying some travelling stationary for the girls. Especially Mia! They both loving writing, drawing and colouring so I am hoping they will be entertained with these things too.

Childrens Books.
I will bring along some books to read the girls. They both love being read too so this should help a bit too.

Fault In Our Stars
My brother has given me this book so I am going to read it on the plane if I get a chance, along with a load of other magazines!

What things have you taken to travel abroad with children? I'd love to know please!

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