What To Achieve For 2015.

As my previous post is about what I achieved in 2014 I thought I would write up what I would like to achieve in this new year 2015. If you hadn't read what I had achieved in 2014 then you can read about it here.

I would really like to be more organised with blogging. The past few months haven't been all that good for me with blogging as I just felt I didn't have the time and when I did have the time then I just wanted to relax and be lazy basically! So I am going to try my best for this year to get my blogging skates on and be a bigger and better blogger than I have been! Especially that I will be nearing my 2 year blogaversary!

First Holiday
In February I will be heading off to Thailand for 3 weeks so yet again I do hope I will have some scheduled posts written up for my readers whilst I am away! I am really looking forward to spending my first holiday with my partner, both my girls and my partners parents. I've never gone abroad before so it will be an interesting experience for me.

Reach my weight target.
My biggest dream for this year would be to reach my goal weight by Christmas. However, I wouldn't mind if I am about a stone under target. As I need to loose about 4 stone now so I do hope that I will reach target and be a size 12.

Get a job.
Since I had to quit my job before Christmas and I am going on holiday in February I have given a 'job search' a break. However, I have e-mailed one company about a job and explaining I am going on holiday so hoping can work something out. In the meantime I am leaving the job search until March. Ideally, I will need a job that does 16+ hours on a weekend or evenings because otherwise I will be paying more out to childcare again than I am earning!

New business to grow.
I have started a new business at home. It has just started so not fully 100% yet. It is a Gift Hamper business and I will update you more when it grows a bit more, hopefully.

Get into shape
Along with loosing weight I would like to go out for more walks do more home exercises and get into better shape! I feel good when I do my home work outs however it takes a lot of patience to do it! But once I start I am fine and I don't want to stop!

Save money
This year I have started my Park vouchers this month. My aim is to keep paying every month. Also I want to save up in cash which I will start after my holiday. I really hope to stick to it and save up for maybe another holiday next year!

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