B&W Photography Project.

We had a family day out today which is something we don't do very often either because my partner works or Mia is in her Dad's so we made the most of it today and decided to go to a park about 15 minutes away from us and take a picnic with us. It was such a lovely day, both kids loved it.

As you can see the place we went too is a beautiful place but it has really gone down hill the past few years which is such a shame. It was full of rubbish and bottle lids and smashed glass by the benches in the park. I managed to get a few stunning shots of the place.


  1. It's a shame when places get run down isn't it, but often black and white masks all that - fab shots.#bwphotoproject

  2. The Mother says - The bridge photo is beautiful, especially with the reflection of it in the water. The house looks rather creepy and also very sad as I think thos could make the most beautiful home #bwphotoproject

  3. How sad that places are treated in such an inconsiderate way :( The house is very eerie!


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