Educational Toys with George Asda REVIEW

 We recently asked if we would like to review some Educational toys from George/Asda and because we were going on holiday in just a weeks time when we were asked I said yes and chose an Innotab 3S and some Play-Doh.

The Innotab 3S is perfect for 3+ years and great to keep the children entertained whilst they are learning too. There is a 2MP camera which can face both ways which was a great bonus for my girls because they love to take Selfies! There is Wi-Fi, media player, e-books, activity games and 15 apps included on the tab which you can download more over the internet or buy games from the shop. There is a 2 GB size memory which you could expand if you buy a microSD card. The size of the Innotab is 40.6 X 6.1 X 27.9 which I think is just the right size for a child. The Innotab is thick enough for the child too hold which makes it perfect for little hands.

Although at the moment we have no photos of the girls playing the Innotab 3S because they won't let me take a photo! The tab came along with us to Thailand and they loved playing it most days. They get to make their own profile which makes them happy that they have their own part on the tab. We got the Hello Kitty game to review aswell, which they haven't played much because they have been so into either taking photos or playing the other games that are on there.

I don't let them play the Innotab for long but at least when they do play it, I know that they are learning something from playing it which is a good thing.

You can buy the Innotab 3s for only £50.00.
You can buy the Hello Kitty game for £12.97.
(March 2015 prices)

The girls have had so much fun with this Jake and the Neverland Pirates Play-Doh! I have never bought them play-doh before because I thought it would get too messy but I thought it would be nice for them to have it as a treat in the evenings once or twice a week. They really do enjoy playing with them. The set comes with 3 Play doh pots which I found were a bit small and I will have to buy more for the girls, they also came with 7 other parts as you can see in the photo. Again, this was perfect to learn the children with shapes and different patterns with the cutters. It also helped them with the colours as I told them not to mix and keep the colours in the right pots.
You can buy this play-doh set for £9.97

(Please ignore the mess on their table, it is their Art Table! Also it is green stamps on Elliw she thought it would be fun to stamp herself whilst I did the dishes!)

You can see the whole Educational Range over on Asda's website here.

* I was given these products free of charge to do an honest review. All words and photos are my own.


  1. Sounds like they really enjoyed the toys. Play dough is always a winner!

  2. What a lovely review. Both of these would be a big hit in our house as my daughter loves her gadgets and her playdoh!

  3. I love Asda for kids toys, they always have a bit of everything! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested


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