The past few weeks haven't been great and if I am honest I need a great big kick up the backside and get back to being on plan with my food and get more organised. I feel like I have no energy, I am tired all the time and I just really can not be bothered doing anything! Last week I went to visit a friend and I saw this cute little note pad/note book and I just had to buy it. I am hoping it will help me remember a few more things, stick to Slimming World and hopefully get me more organised and get my energy back. We will see by the end of next week how I get on!

I'm not quite sure why I feel tired everyday and to why I have no energy but i'm putting it down to how I've not been 100% well the past few days and with the children not really behaving much. I am planning to write my meals down for foods and if I have any appointments or anything else coming up then I am to write them all down because I easily forget. There are few ways to be more organised here are a few;

Even though I love writing I never seem to write down the things I really need to do such as attending appointments etc, but like I said above I am going to try my best from now on to be more organised and write everything down.

This can be a huge help. If you remember that you need to do something then write it on a sticky pad or paper then stick it somewhere you know you look at everyday such as the fridge, cupboard or mirror.

If i'm honest I hardly ever do this because I always forget about it. I need to start doing it when I have Doctors appointments and other things. You could always set an alarm for the day before and again a few hours before.

The last thing you want is an extremely messy office or workspace. In fact, my work space isn't tidy at all at the moment as I have been busy with my other job making Hampers but I am needing to tidy it up in the next few days now. Having a tidy workspace can make things a lot easier to find and less stressful.

Storage can be a plus in a workspace or office. There is nothing worse than having nowhere to keep your work and other things. There are plenty of places you can go to get storage for all kinds of things such as papers and pens etc.

Are you an organised person?

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