Choosing The Right Bedding For A 5 Year Old

Since we bought our very first home I was really excited to decorate Mia and Elliw's bedroom as we had planned to let them share a room. I went for the 'Minnie Mouse' and Pink theme, however after a few months it was getting really stressful trying to settle them both in the same bedroom so we decided to put Mia into the Playroom bedroom and we are still wanting to decorate the room for her. At her age i'm finding it quite difficult to know what she really likes. Her favourite things are Horses, Elephants, Little Pony and One Direction but I always change my mind but I will have to do it one day soon.
Storage Boxes are always ideal for childrens bedrooms whether it is too keep clothes or even toys. They are great to make the room look neat and tidy.
This childrens bedding by yorkshirelinen is abosoloutley gorgeous! The white background with the cute little ballet dancers would be a great choice of bedding.
Mia really likes having a bedside cabinet next to her bed too keep her night time story book, night light and other things such as toys or maybe even her notebook and pens. This colour would look lovely next to the bed too match the ballerina duvet cover.
With it getting lighter in the evenings now I really do need to buy Mia some blacked-out curtains so she can settle down to sleep sooner. These coloured curtains would look great too match the theme of her bedroom.
I would have to buy Mia a night light if I was re-decorating her bedroom. This flower tree lamp would look great to match everything else in her room.
To finish up her room I would choose this silver sparkle rug. Even though the rug isn't a pink colour I think the rug would look well with the other things chosen.
I really like light pastel colours and especially that Mia's room is the smallest one I think the light colours will make it look a bit bigger. I think in the end I will go for a mix of horses, ballet and pink as there are many things out in those themes which are lightly coloured.

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  1. I love everything you've chose! That flower tree lamp is just gorgeous x


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