When I fell pregnant with my second child I knew it was going to be hard with two children close age but I did not know it would be this hard. I mean there has been a lot of tears, shouting, screaming, arguing and fighting (between the kids!). It's is ongoing and can be quite exhausting every single day but when you have that one day where they are both well behaved you're not used to it but you try and make the most of it and it is lovely!

I've heard these 3 words plenty of times, maybe every day I've heard them too. One child will have something that they seem to really enjoy then all of a sudden the other child comes and either snatches or screams and shouts 'I WANT IT'. When I tell the child that they have to wait or tell them to go and play with something else then that's when more shouting comes or maybe a slap from the child but maybe some days they will shockingly walk away. The thing is, when the child actually gets the item they wanted from the other child they don't actually play with it. They look at it for two seconds and maybe play with it for less than 5 minutes then they just throw it away! What was all that fuss about?!

Ahh those words that are used daily again. These words are probably told to the kids after they argue or snatch eachother toys.

I hope it's not just my eldest that does this. Elliw does something to Mia so obviously Elliw gets a row for it but then for some odd reason Mia thinks it is a good idea to start annoying Elliw by kicking, pushing or just really annoying her to push her into hitting Mia so she can have a row again. Why? Just why?

Ohh yes siblings aren't very good at sharing you know! They will be very awkward and not share toys at all. But i'm quite lucky it doesn't happen all the time although Mia and Elliw do have certain toys that are theirs and no one else's.

The thing is siblings argue and then they like to blame eachother. They won't own up to who actually did it, but even if I saw what happened they will still sometimes try and blame the other sibling. Ok then?

As much as I love this word I can really dislike it at times too. When neither girls are listening and they decide it is a great time to really annoy me by both acting very clingy on to me, remember they have been really misbehaving then they just decide to wind eachother up to who gets to cuddle mummy! Shame neither of them get it until they start behaving again.

Those nights where one child is wide awake or just can't settle but the other child is fast too sleep so you try and tell that child to stop crying and try their best to be quiet so you don't have two screaming unsettled children which will make your night even longer.

Not often but sometimes there are days where the girls are so lovely together. These days really do make the hard days worth it. No one said it was going to be easy with two children at close age, I knew it was going to be hard but nothing could actually prepare me for how hard it was. There have been so many tears, shouting and arguments that days were they get along really does make it worth it.



  1. Ahh this is so gorgeous. It's a beautiful thing to give our children siblings. Lovely capture of your little ones. Sounds like they are normal siblings love and competition altogether. lol Thank you so much for linky up to Share With Me #sharewithme

  2. Aw you have two gorgeous girls! Those phrases sound very, very familiar too!!! Like you say, the good days (or moments) definitely make up for those awful ones! (Usually!!) #twinklytuesdays

  3. It just shows you that there is no right age gap! Lots of people say the closer in age the better but still it's not guaranteed that they'll get on all the time. I have to say though, your girls are just gorgeous and despite the not getting on, it must be wonderful to have two lovely girls :) thanks so much for linking up with #twinklytuesday


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