Things To Do This Half Term

T H I N G S  T O  D O  T H I S  H A L F  T E R M

It can be quite hard to entertain your child all day every day for a whole two weeks especially if they are used to being in school 9am - 3pm! Routine is just out of the window, however there quite a few things we will be doing this half term that I have planned already. Most depends on the weather too and all depending if the girls behave or not.

This is all weather depending and apparently the first few days the weather isn't going to be brilliant - in fact it is going to be rubbish. So the first few days of the holidays we will probably have some lazy days in the house and some indoor activities.

I will be baking probably on Wednesday which is my weigh-day so I don't mind having a treat after weighing. Both kids love baking and I always have a full box of baking ingredients ready for whenever we want to bake cookies or cakes. Plus it's a great time for both parent and children to bond and a perfect time for both children to bond and help eachother too.

I will probably be doing this often. One of my young brothers is coming up from South Wales for the week on the last week of the holidays so we will be spending most of the days with him as we don't see him often and I love to spend as much time with him as we can, plus the girls love seeing him and he loves seeing his nieces too! I will probably have friends coming over too with their children and i'll be going to visit them too.

Me and my partner have decided to try and learn Elliw how to ride a bike. Mia could ride a bike before her 4th Birthday so it would be nice to try and get Elliw to ride a bike before the end of the year but yet again it is all weather depending! You can read Mia's post here.

This will probably be done indoors because our garden hasn't been sorted yet. I can't wait to do this with the kids and hopefully they will really enjoy sharing a picnic with their favourite toys and teddy's.

This Half Term is for Easter so we will probably go for a walk or have a lazy Easter Sunday depending on how we feel and what the weather is. Mia will be in her Dad's but she will be enjoying herself there so I will give her Easter goodies Tuesday morning.

There are plenty of indoor activities you can do with children such as painting, colouring, picnics, baking, building things and much more. You can buy some Easter activity packs from shops too which is what we will be doing some days.

What are your plans for this Half Term?



  1. Teddy bears picnic will be super cute! enjoy the 'break'

  2. Fab post with some great ideas! My son is only a toddler but its always nice to have a list of things to do when we have no plans Xx

  3. We still have a toddler here so don't have half terms! In fact, we are avoiding the half terma dna taking a week off the following week once all the kiddies go back hehe! I still try not to think about things like half term as it stresses me out if I'll still be working full time hehe! I hope you have a fab time with yours :) Thanks so much for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday


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