Elliw only goes to playschool part-time and Mia goes to school full time, so when Elliw is home for the last few hours before we need to get Mia we try to have some 'Mummy and Daughter' time before Mia comes home. I wish I could do it more often with Mia but we never get the time to do it or there is no babysitter for Elliw for me and Mia to have time together.

Elliw is quite behind on her speech, although it can be really frustrating for us I always think it must be ten times more frustrating for her. Me and my partner always try our best to learn her new words and ask her to repeat them a couple of times.

On a Tuesday Mia goes to after school club so I only have to take them both to school 9am and pick Elliw up 11am then we get a good few hours together. I try to do most of the housework on Tuesdays and she likes to help me sometimes but then other times she decides to have her tantrums! But that's Elliw for you.

Last Tuesday Me and Elliw decided to go upstairs and read some books before we tided up her room and sort their clothes out. She loves sitting down and looking at books and she is slowly turning out like her big sister Mia. I've caught Elliw a few times pretending to play school and pretending she is a teacher, it just shows me how fast she is growing up. It makes me feel sad a little bit that my youngest baby is growing up so quick and turning to be a little girl.

Running in Lavender


  1. Gorgeous photos, especially the last one. Lovely that you get to spend time together like this, I think I will appreciate these moments even more once my little girl starts preschool in September x

  2. Such sweet photos. My son's speech is also delayed and it has been tough for him to make himself understood. But it does get easier. #capturedmoment

  3. She'll really appreciate that time! I like that you're getting her involved in the tidying :)

  4. Lovely photos - she'll look back and love seeing what you both did together :-)
    Sabrina xx

  5. Lovely photos. It's so nice that you can spend this quality time together.
    Becky xx

  6. Your girls are beautiful and look just like you. I can't help notice that you're reading Sali Mali, we have these books too and the girls have a Sali Mali and Jac y Jwc dolls. Thanks for linking up to #MyCapturedMoment xxx

  7. Next year LP starts school and I have the year of Little Man at home before he starts preschool the following September and we'll have a routine very much like yours. Those couple of hours with your youngest must be lovely x


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