Places To Go This Half Term

P L A C E S  T O  V I S I T  T H I S  H A L F  T E R M
I love going out for the day with the family and even with the whole family (grandparents, parents, cousins etc). I think it is a great way to bond with each other and just create lovely memories that we can tell our kids when they are older. I must admit that North Wales has beautiful views and I wouldn't change our views for anything. They are stunning. There are many things you can do and visit in North Wales with and without children.
G R E E N W O O D  F O R E S T  P A R K

We visited Greenwood Forrest park for the first time in October! I think we went there at the right time as it wasn't too packed and the girls were the right age to enjoy themselves. The reason we went there was because we were offered to go there in return of an honest review. You can read my review here. It was a fantastic day and I will be going there again as I know we will all enjoy it as a family.

I have many memories in this place since I was a child my Dad used to take me and my brother there often. There is a huge lake in the middle with the swings on one side and a slate museum then you can walk to the other side which has another museum and some very old fashioned houses which are very interesting to see. There is also a small train to go around, a lovely place to visit on a gorgeous sunny day.


This is another place I have many memories with my Dad and brother. I used to come here often when I was younger and I go there often in the Summer with my own family too. I have been there with my lovely friend Catriona and her son (my nephew) Osian. You can read about our day out here. We had a lovely day and I can't wait to again. It's a perfect place to go when it is warm as you could easily spend most of the day there by jumping into the river and have a picnic then maybe a kick about with the kids. You can read about my other days out in Beddgelert here and here.

L L Y N  B R E N N I G

I've only ever visited Llyn Brennig once and I really enjoyed it. My Dad is a cyclist and he comes to this place a few times and he decided to take the family there on my Taid's 70th birthday. You can read about that family day out here. There is a park for children to play in, plenty of places for outdoor picnics and even a café to eat indoors too. If you're a cyclist or fancy riding a bike then you can hire one there too and take a ride around the huge lake that is there! It takes about 2-3 hours roughly to go around the whole lake.


This was a big achievement for me. I am so proud that I finally climbed Snowdon. If you ever visit North Wales or even live in North Wales and haven't gone up Snowdon then you really should go up. If you don't fancy the walk then you can take the train up but you feel like you have accomplished something if you walk up and down! The stunning views takes your breathe away. You can read my blog post about climbing Snowdon here.

C A E R N A R F O N  C A S T L E

Caernarfon is my local town and not that I would recommend anyone to go and stay in Caernarfon because if i'm honest it's not brilliant but a lovely place to visit in Caernarfon is the Caernarfon Castle. I've been there 2 or 3 times when I was younger and it is a lovely and interesting place to visit. I will be taking my girls there when they are older. Another great family day out, you could walk over the bridge and visit the big park over the sea after you've finished your visit in the castle.
Have you ever visited North Wales? Where did you visit?

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