Special Monthly Moments

I've been thinking of doing something for myself to look back on and maybe one day for Mia and Elliw to look back on to. Once a month around the 1st or 2nd of each month i am going to upload some photos from the month that has just been and just a little post about each/a few photo(s).

I absoloutley love this photo of my eldest daughter Mia. Not very often will i get a really nice photo of her standing still and smiling. She loves posing for photos but most of them are just silly photos with silly faces! That is Mia's personality so i have a load of those kind of photos. So it is really nice to have a lovely smiling photo of her .

This is my life most days. One day Mia will be the little angel and Elliw is a little devil but then the next day it can be total opposite. Very rarely i will have both girls well behaved on the same day. This is the view i get most of the time when i do my blog work too or when they ask for food/chocolate (which is VERY often) even just after food!

Every now and then we will have an indoor picnic and in the Summer we usually have an outdoor picnic either in the park or in the back garden. We decided to have a teddy bear picnic indoors this time since they were both kind of well behaved most of the morning and since it was the school holidays. They loved it!

For a change we all went out as a family one Sunday and we went to a park to have a picnic. It was quite chilly but we all really enjoyed it. The day was filled with fun, laughter and a few cries! But what do you expect, they're children after all.

There is no particular reason i posted this photo except that i absolutely love this photo that i took at the start of March.

So yes! This is what happened the day after we came back home from Thailand. I had quickly popped into the shower and when i came down the girls thought it was a brilliant idea to give eachother a new haircut. Even though they had not long had a haircut a few days before they went on holiday. As you can see Mia's fringe is ruined although i can easily clip it back BUT Elliw's hair is just ruined. I haven't taken her to the hairdressers just yet as i am unsure on what to do, either leave it grow or just cut it short like the length they have cut it. Her hair is always up nearly every day and her length looks fine when it is up. So i am unsure on what to do at the moment.

This is another thing i won't forget. My clever daughter decided to cover herself in my lipstick. Yep, in lipstick!! Her whole face and arms too. No wonder she was so quiet, even though she knows very well she is not allowed to be in my bedroom but that day she thought she was allowed! I could not give her a row, i had a little giggle but she had a small telling-off!

I really can't believe my littlest girl became 3 years old! Where has the time gone? Way too fast. We had such a lovely day with the family. We didn't do nothing special but she loved every minute of the day since she had all the attention and all the toys given to her through out the day.

These have been the highlights of March!


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  1. I love these kind of blog posts, just snippets of daily life. That first photo of your eldest girl is absolutely beautiful, I can see why you love it so much- I always get a silly face pulled if I try and take a photo of mine too. And oh my goodness, their hair! What a nightmare. You must have been so stressed/cross/upset! xx

    1. :) It's nice to look back on isn't it! Oh don't mention the hair LOL! It was the first day back home from Thailand too! I had to go into another room and I had a little giggle, but I was also a little annoyed but more upset on the mess of Elliws hair!

  2. Oh you have some gorgeous photos and some even funnier memories in there!! I love the lipstick pictures - Kitty did something similar with lip balm recently, we couldn't see it she just smelt really strongly of some sort of lotion and we had to go around smelling everything to work out what it was!


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