The other week I did my usual school run at 3pm. My 3rd school of the day. There are two ways to walk back home, either along the street by the road or behind all the houses on a path where the girls can run about. I decided to take the path behind the houses. It was a lovely sunny day.

Surprisingly the walk back home was really calm and fun! Usually I can't wait until we are home and I try to walk as fast as i can with the girls but this particular day I wouldn't of minded if it was double the time. We had so much fun. It was filled with laughter, selfies, running and jumping! It was so nice seeing both girls getting along so well because they usually argue with each other, so much. I really do treasure these kind of days when they get along together so well.

Even on walks like this on a Summer's day I start to appreciate the views we have. I mean, just look at the amazing mountain view we have in the photos! I am gutted i didn't bring my camera, i had to use my iPhone to take these photos.

We were all so happy and couldn't stop laughing. We sang loads of different nursery rhymes and Mia showed me her handstand moves and kept jumping about, asking me to take photos of her. I love watching my girls be so nice to each other like how they were on this walk back home from school.

Running in Lavender
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  1. I've just found your blog through #MyCapturedMoment and love it! These photos are so gorgeous and you can feel the happiness from your girls!!


  2. A lovely captured moment! They both look as though they are having a great time x

  3. Love these photos! It is wonderful when they get on and there's just lots of laughter isn't it?! Those jumping action shots are fabulous :)

  4. You all sounded like you had a great time,beautiful photos.thanks for linking to the Binkylinky.

  5. I love these photos! They look like they enjoyed the walk home. Thanks for linking up to the #BinkyLinky

  6. Lovely photos , you all look so happy x #binkylinky

  7. Wow! Now that's a view and a half on the way to and from school - I'm not surprised you wanted to take the run around path and I love your pictures of the girls jumping!

  8. Amazing, what a treat to have this so close. The jumping photos are amazing, the first one is surreal, very 'matrix' - beautiful #siblings

  9. What a beautiful walk home from school - you are so lucky! I love the excitement you've captured.

  10. Oh I'm massively jealous of your beautiful walk home from school. That path looks picture perfect and the girls look super cute dancing and jumping. Love their bright coats. I assume you speak Welsh so Diolch!! For linking up to #mycapturedmoment xxx

  11. Wow! What a walk home from school - I love the jumping ones! Such lovely photos, thank you for linking up to #iotw


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