Elliw's Update.

I still can't believe my youngest baby girl is three years old. Where have these years gone? They have flown by. You've grown up to be a right little madam and I can admit that you are really hard work when your temper comes out. Just a couple of weeks ago you decided to have a big tantrum in the middle of NEXT, just because you wanted a very small car that cost £7. I said no and offered you a Peppa Pig little notepad with a pencil for £3 but no! You didn't want that, you wanted the £7 car and because you weren't allowed it you thought it was brilliant idea to scream at the top of your voice, throw yourself on the floor and kick your legs everywhere. You finally calmed down after 45 minutes.

Your main language is Welsh but you can talk and understand some English. You're still behind on your speech but words are slowly coming out now. You struggle to say some letters at the end of most words and I do think a part of your tempers is just frustration because you find it difficult to say some words sometimes. I had a small talk with someone the other week about getting you a bit of extra help in Playschool, so they are suggesting a One 2 One teacher who can help you learn a bit more, which would be great just in time for school in September.

Last Summer we finally Toilet trained you and you did so well. (You can read here). You are still out of nappies in the day and you're still doing fantastically well. We are thinking of starting you are night times soon, hopefully.

Since you were born you would always follow your big sisters voice and always follow her around when you started crawling and walking. You have always looked up to Mia but recently these past few months you have really looked up to her. You always ask where she is when she is at her Dads on the weekend. Even though she only goes for one night, you have cried a few times wanting her to come back home. When Mia is in school and you come home after Playschool you always shout Mia's name as we are passing her classroom and you always ask for her to come home. Even though most of the time you both argue so much you can tell you're both going to be such close sisters.

You have stopped the fighting, hitting and kicking towards Mia, thank god! I really hated it when you did that. It was so hard to stop you as you just kept on going back. You always used to drag her hair and sometimes out of nowhere you would just run up to her and either push her or slap her on the face. I would say time has gone easier since then but your temper when you don't get what you want makes up for it now.

When we were in Thailand we taught you how to swim and in the last few days you started jumping into the pool with your Dad. You loved playing peek-a-boo in the pool, where you would put your head under water then pop back up! I am so proud that you have started to swim at such a young age and you're not scared of water.

You got to Playschool 5 days a week now and even though you love it, you're so tired by the end of the day. You go in the mornings 9am until 11am but on Thursdays and Fridays you stay in Dinner Club until 1PM. You've learnt so much from there and it really has given you a lot more confidence towards other people.

Another thing we have noticed what you have started to do now is settling in your bed every night. You always used to cry for at least 1 hour or more until you fell asleep on the floor next to the Safety Gate. I thought you would never stop but finally you go straight to sleep in your bed every night now! You wake up once or twice (maybe three times) most nights. You will still go to bed 6.30PM - 7PM and wake up around 6am - 7am the next morning, we will be lucky sometimes and get a little lie in until 8pm but that usually happens when you have to go to school.

Other than your temper, you are such a funny, talented, loving little girl. I wouldn't change you for the world. You love your stories before bed and you love having cuddles when you're tired. When we read you a bedtime story we have to lie down on your side otherwise you just won't listen!

# Drawing/colouring.
# Singing Let It Go.
# Going to playschool.
# Playing outside.
# Cuddles when you're tired.
# My Little Pony.
# Playing the iPad.
# Playing with Figures.
# Trains.
# Books.
# You're blankey.
# Walking/Running.

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