I haven't written your update for a while now so I thought I would write you one now. You really have grown up so much these past few month. You have your own personality and your character is truly showing now. Your a really loving, funny and caring little girl but saying that, you have an attitude like a teenager. If your attitude is like this now god help me when you are an actual teenager!

We don't get much time together just you and me. You're in school full time and you go to After School club until 5.30pm every Tuesday so I feel the only time we get together just you and me is when I put you to bed. I was hoping we would have a day together last half term but no one offered to take Elliw and I didn't like to ask. So I decided one evening that we would spend time just me and you once I put Elliw to bed. It was a really lovely evening even though you didn't pay much attention to what we were watching!

You love school and on your last parents evening they said some fantastic comments about you. You are progressing really well at school. You're leaning more number and letters. In your first parents evening you weren't doing very well at your number and doing much better at your letters but now it is the other way round but you're still doing better in your letters. Also, you could only count to 39 but the past few weeks I have been helping you to count past 39. You struggled to know that 40 came after 39. You kept going back to 30 but you've not learnt how to count up to 49 which is fantastic.
You love writing. You're writing is coming along really well now even though I have to correct your sometimes when you write backwards but I guess that is where we just have to learn you. I have so many notebooks around the house which is filled with your writing and drawings. I have to hide my notebooks in the dinning room because sometimes you will go into the kitchen and steal them in the mornings because I come downstairs! I will keep some of your notebooks for you too look at when you are older.

This picture you have drawn above was me taking you to the dentist. I love it when you come home with these drawings from school. Again, I have so many drawings that you have done. I have had to chuck some but I keep your best ones. I felt so sad throwing some but I had to because what is the point keeping drawings that look the same and the ones you did on the same day? You come home from school and after school club sometimes with about 3 or more drawings. I am in the middle of doing a scrap book for your drawings so you can look back at them once your older. Great 18th birthday present right?! Your colouring is getting really good recently. You really do try your best to colour inside the lines now. Which is fantastic! I've had some colourings from you some days where I have to ask if you actually did it because the colouring is so neat and perfect!

You are still best friends with this little girl, Llio. You've both been best friends since you both started playschool. It's really nice to know that you are really close with someone at school. Knowing your happy playing with someone all the time. The teachers say you're really quiet when Llio isn't at school and when she is in school you're not allowed to sit next too each other because you talk too much! Which I can believe. Llio comes over sometimes for tea and you're both so confident with each other. I hope when you read this that you're both still friends.

Your toilet training is getting so much better. We still see the Constipation clinic to help us. You still get movicol in your drinks to help you go to toilet. There have been the odd accidents but you are slowly getting there. You still sleep in your nappy because we're not quite successful in the day time yet so we will do night time when we are both ready. Keep at it Mia!

- Drawing and Writing.
- watching My Little Pony, Littlest Pet Shop, Peppa Pig and Dora the Explorer.
- Dancing and Singing.
- Playing with toy figures.
- The songs 'Gangnam Style' and 'Let It Go'
- Playing outside.
- Playing the iPad
- Going to school.

Until next time,

 Lots of love

Mam x

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