It's Friday again! The weather is pretty dull today. These photos were taken yesterday, it was pretty warm so I thought I would dress her up in a pretty dress. Again, this dress is from Thailand. We were given a few dress by some neighbours in Thailand and they were all beautiful! I've added pictures below of some of the other dresses we were given.

I love the fact that no one else around my village will have the same dress! It's a short sleeved light blue dress with a silky looking collar. I'm not too keen on the collar as I find it to big, but it goes ok with the dress I guess! I added a knitted cardigan because I just love knitted cardigans. When Mia was younger she used to get loads of hand knitted cardigans from her Grandmother on her Dad's side.

I added Grey tights from NEXT and the white flower shoes, which are also from NEXT. Elliw added the bag too! As she wanted to take her little ponies for a walk!

I love this dress on Mia and Elliw. I'm really lucky that they can both share their clothes. Mia is short for her age and Elliw is big for her age! It's another dress from Thailand, which I know no one from around my village will have the same one! Which is what I love about it. I also love the bright colours and the floral pattern. How cute is the back of the dress? (photo below). Of course, in this country I may have to put a cardigan on her though!

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  1. Both dresses are really cute! I especially like the floral one (I like anything floral!) #weekendbabystyle


  2. What a pair of cuties! Seriously, such little dolls :) How cool are that you have such lovely neighbours who have such good taste in dresses. How exotic too! That pale Blue goes beautifully with the Yellow cardi. And the tights and shoes are super cute! Mia's dress is absolutely gorgeous as well. I'd wear that! It's such a beautiful print and such lovely bright colours. Thats so good they can share clothes too. Thanks so much for linking up with us and hope you have a great weekend xx #weekendbabystyle

  3. Awww how cute are they! Both the dresses are so nice. It's great when you can get clothes that are unique and you know someone local won't be wearing it too. Have a great weekend #weekendbabystyle

  4. How cute is that, both of the dresses are absolutely adorable. I love the floral one the most. The yellow really compliments the pale blue. x
    Steph |

  5. Both dresses are cute but I love floral patterns at the moment. Great colours! It's great when you have unique pieces that nobody else you know is going to have. #weekendbabystyle


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